Level 1 support

Level 1 support is provided by these help topics. If you can't find the help you need here the staff at OID is familiar with these topics and can probably point you to the appropiate topic if you cannot find it yourself. Level 1 support is, of course, free.

Level 2 support

If you are having a problem using the BBP-Lite program and these instructions do not provide a help topic for what you are trying to do, you may call TRACKUM Software at 405-799-4863 and report the problem. Assuming what you are trying to do is not covered in the help topics, we will immediately update the help topics with a section that will help you. Level 2 support is also free.

Special Note:

For all other issues that can only be serviced through hands on support and/or tutoring you will need "Level 3" support.

Level 3 Support:

For Level 3 Support contact TRACKUM Software at (405) 799-4863. Our technician will connect to your computer over the Internet and work with you to solve whatever problem you need solved. Level 3 support is not free. You will billed at the rate of 50 cents per minute at the end of each month.