Before you do anything

Before you can begin working on your first monthly report you will need to bring this program up to date by entering all of your current, active, liability.

Do not begin entering your active liability untill you have completed the "Initial Setup Instructions".

Once you complete all of the initial setup instructions and procedures

There are a few rules designed to help you use this program in a way that will keep you in compliance with the way the OID does things.

Following these rules will help you spend less time achieving an accurate monthly report.

Rule 1

You can only work on a single month's data at a time. This means you cannot enter new activity for the next month until you have completed the current months report.

To summarize this rule. Should you not get your report done on the first of a month. You will need to save all activaty for the new month until the report is completed, uploaded, and you have performed your monthly backup before you can enter new bonds or discharges for the new month.

Rule 2

Once you have uploaded your monthly report to the OID you are done reporting activity for that month. In other words, you can no longer report a bond or discharge a bond with-in that month.

For example, if you find a bond, under your spare tire, that was actually written several months earlier you must include it as part of the next reporting month. In this situation you would enter the bond date as the first day of the current reporting month and make a note to the OID that the bond was acutually written in a previous month.

Rule 3

You must have a separate set of data for each type of report you work with. For example: Surety, Cash, Property, Professional.

If you work with multiple surety companies you will need to keep a separate set of data for each surety company because you will submit a separate report for each company.

For help creating multiple data file see the support section "How to Create Multiple Data Files".

Rule 4

You must create a complete backup copy of your data files before you start a new month. This is so we have an exact picture of the data that made the report in the event you need to resolve some problem with the report.

Tutoring is available.

If you are new to the basic concepts of a Microsoft Windows computer; you might need some hands on help to get you off to a good start with this program. A good source for this type of help would be:

TRACKUM Software 405-799-4863