Who needs this section:

You must maintain a separate data file for each report you make to the Insurance Commission.

These instructions are for you if you need to create multiple data files because you make more then one report to the State.

Special Note:

If you are not familiar with the process of creating files and folders in Windows, you should not try to do this yourself.

You should seek help from a computer person of your choice.

A good source for this type of help is TRACKUM Software (405) 799-4863

The first step is to delete the "Short-cut Icon" on your desktop

The next step is to make some changes in the "BBP-Lite" folder

If for any reason you are not sure where your "BBP-Lite" folder is you should review the section of this help called "Location of BBP program data" before you continue.

The rest is very easy.

You simply want to create a copy of the data folder and rename it with a name similar to the monthly report you will submit.